Parlec features the largest range of tapping solutions, including rigid, tension only, and tension and compression systems along with coolant and coolant groove adapters.  

Tension & compression tapping heads have been the main stay of machine tool tapping for many years. Parlec offers a wide range and style of these heads, including Numertap® and Bilz style. Available from #6 to 1 5/8” Hand and 1/16” to 1  1/4” Pipe.

Numertap® 770
  • Large work range eliminates the need to purchase multiple units.
  • Short projection maximizes workpiece size.
  • Adjustable compression stroke ensures accurate
    depth control.
  • Free-floating tension stroke ensures thread size and quality.
  • Through-spindle coolant option gets coolant into the hole and flushes chips.
  • Rugged alloy steel construction for long
    trouble-free service life.
  • Radial float improves thread quality and tap life.