ERos®Collet Chucks are for extreme performance and any high speed, high concentricity tool requirement. The .00012” gage runout tolerance at 3X the tool diameter with the balanced and aerodynamic design, provides the highest performance available without high start-up costs or investment into capital equipment. The collet based design provides the simplest solution to extreme performance requirements. 
ERos® Collet Chucks
  • 3 Micron system precision at 3X shank diameter
  • Grip force comparable to heat shrink and hydraulic chucks
  • Custom length collet seat for maximum contact, providing rigidity and grip force
  • Available AD/B Coolant converts from through-spindle to flange entry coolant supply
  • Precision ground OD, threads and two pilot bores provide the most advanced and precise clamping nut available
  • Balanced to G2.5 and AT3 Taper specifications

System Accessories